What the press are saying.

We have been lucky enough to be featured in a number of great tech and real estate news outlets. Here is what the press are saying:

Curbed Curbed
The people behind the Beautiful Craigslist Ads Kickstarter, for example, would like the ads on everyone's favorite rental search service to be clearer and more standardized. They're seeking $3,000 to launch a free tool that would essentially be a Craigslist template: "Anyone creating an apartment listing can use our free, online wizard, answering questions that we've highlighted as really important to you. We then produce a listing that can be used on Craigslist (or anywhere else!)."

mashable Mashable
Craigslist is a great resource for finding a deal on an apartment, but most ads look "bare." So, a couple of bloggers, developers, and Craigslist users banded together in San Francisco to help stop ugly listings. Click here to watch the video coverage on biddenly.

Apartment Therapy Apartment Therapy
Craigslist has survived and and even prospered sticking with their bare bones, anti-design philosophy. But as anyone who has used the site to search for an apartment or house rental soon learns, navigating listings can be a game of fill-in-the-blanks. A team of designers is looking to improve the process of creating an ad and also ensure it has all the info people are looking for...read more